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    Simon KnutssonWhen we try to do something for the world, what should our priorities be? Most of my research deals with such questions. My take so far is that we should focus on reducing extreme suffering and be antispeciesist. I’m a PhD student in philosophy focusing on value theory, logic, normative ethics, population ethics, and game theory.

    I have a YouTube channel but with no videos yet.

    My most important writings:

    • The World Destruction Argument. Inquiry. Free official version; preprint with extra material
    • Many-valued Logic and Sequence Arguments in Value Theory. Unpublished draft.
    • How Could an Empty World Be Better than a Populated One? Translations: Español, Русский
    • Problems in effective altruism and existential risk and what to do about them

    I’ve also worked on animal ethics and effective animal advocacy, and the following are my most important such material:

    • Reducing Suffering among Invertebrates Such as Insects
    • How Good or Bad Is the Life of an Insect?
    • How Many Non-human Animals Should There Be? (Recorded talk: audio + slides)
    • A Virtue of Precaution Regarding the Moral Status of Animals with Uncertain Sentience. With Christian Munthe. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. 2017. Official full-text view-only; 安卓看youtube上的视频加速软件

    All writings

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